Lerae has helped update my Lakehouse using the things I love. She has helped with a commercial office and now with our cabin. She is fun and easy to work with AND my husband and I love the finished results.
Patti M.
The people at Texture have always been so wonderful!!! Their fabrics are AMAZING and they ae so very helpful!!! They have also comes to my house several times to help me get my house together! I love their ideas and they ae always so creative and knowledgeable!!
Robin K.
Texture is the only place I shop for innovative design within my budget. The team's knowledge and experience keep me on track within my overall design style. Not an easy task at times!! Last year I broke my ankle and when my custom order arrived they came over and installed the items; including making the bed up with my new amazing bedding. They have proven to be an advocate for the client with subcontractors, keeping the project within specifications and on time. I love this shop and highly recommend them to anyone wanting to create a one of a kind home.
Renni R.
The team at Texure work together like a well tuned Symphony! They compliment each other and support each other while adding their individual flair to each project. The owner, LaRay is very familiar with the merchandise that's available and the prices so to keep you on budget if that's a concern. She's been in the design world for a long time and you can't go wrong with her suggestions and ideas. It's a pleasure to go into their facility in the historic district of town , but the way they merchandise is totally buyer/ designer friendly and most comfortable to browse and plan your project on their very large table area where you can spread out your samples while having a seat. I have never personally had any issues with their work, but I know I can trust them to make it right if their is a problem with anything, from the fabric to the trim to the actual construction of the item. They take pride in their work and guarantee satisfaction. They are my "go to" place for fabrics, pillows, furniture and most anything for your home decor.
Deb P.
Fantastic services! LeRae helped with updating my room from floor to ceiling! Her creative ideas were so much better than I could have dreamed. We loved working with her company!
Melissa B.